Coast Novelty Company was started quite by accident. Mr. Harry Jones, the originator, a tool and die man, was freelancing, making a round stainless steel cap for his fishing gear in a shop. He was approached by a gentleman who said “I can give you an order for 10,000 conchos made just like that,” whereupon Mr. Jones replied “What in the Hell is a conchos?”

To make a long story short, Coast Novelty Company was started in barber shop in Inglewood, California. It was originally composed of three partners; one dropped out and Mr. Jones sold his share to the remaining partner (Milton Stokes and his wife) when he became ill. The Stokes continued with the stainless steel line of saddle trim until 1969 when their company was inherited by their son, Roy Stokes.

As the demand became greater, for more metals, nickel silver, sterling overlay, etc, Roy expanded with these lines and with many more designs.

Coast Novelty now produces one of the most complete lines of silver Saddle trim in the United States, at a reasonable cost. They have the finest craftsmen, doing excellent, quality work.

In 2004 Coast Novelty Company moved to Big Bear City, California. The company name was changed to Coast Silver and the rest is history.

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